Brigitte Stolk has always been a dreamer ever since she was a child, and realized at an early age that music would play an important part in her life. Spending her spare time writing songs, composing melodies and singing either at home or at school. There was always music in the household. Any genre was welcome, from hard Rock to Zouk music, Funk and Soul music to Pop.



Come and dream with the great soul Bobby voice ! and discover « Timeless » his last album available today ! A découvrir ici – To discover, buy and dowload here : Special thanks to Bobby and Geno



CHRIS JASPER (source : If you are familiar with THE ISLEY BROTHERS, then you know Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, CHRIS JASPER, an integral member of THE ISLEY BROTHERS during the 1970s and 1980s—their gold and platinum years—from the 3+3 (1973) to Between the Sheets (1983) albums. These were the years when THE ISLEY BROTHERS were a self-produced, self-contained group.



Gene Leone is a longtime Philadelphia Recording Engineer, Producer, Mixer. In the late 60s, he started out as a studio musician drummer who could also engineer the recording sessions. He’s been a senior audio engineer for a number of Philly based production studios, including Quad Recording, Alpha International Recording Studios, Sigma Sound Studios, Kajem/Victory Studios, and Wallabee.



Léon Malélé, a fait ses armes au sein de la formation Funk/Electro Le Gotta avant de se muer en véritable performeur solo, se bâtissant ainsi une belle réputation de showman de la Soul. Passionné de musique et de chant depuis tout petit j’ai toujours rêvé d’en faire mon métier… Aujourd’hui je touche du bout des doigts ce rêve et c’est grâce à tous mes proches et à tous ceux qui ont cru en moi…Alors merci ! Mon premier album “Chocolate”.



Michele McCain is a New York City native appreciated for her extraordinary talent throughout the world.This multi-talented star of stage, and screen began her career at New York’s Shea Stadium in front of 60,000 people where she performed with the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. Her Broadway debut in the Tony awardwinning Fat’s Waller musical Ain’t Misbehavin!, created for Nell Carter led to North American and International tours



Shannon Kennedy is an accomplished and multi-faceted saxophonist, singer-songwriter, and composer in Southern California, performing as part of the dynamic smooth jazz group Groove LTD. She is also the host/founder of Teen Jazz, a community for aspiring musicians.



The man known as U-Nam, is destined to become one of the most controversial musicians.In the few recordings that I have heard, there is a conviction towards making himself felt by the general public, and the critics alike. It’s great to have a new voice on the guitar scene; one that is loaded with energy and excitement.”



Angela Joeleen Corti, was born in the east end of London, and spent most of her teenage years in Swansea (Wales). At the age of seven Joeleen started studying Classical Ballet under the ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCING and modern Jazz and while growing up her love for music grew stronger day by day!